A Few Fashion Tips

To look elegant and to have a unique attire for perfect looks, such inputs can be sought either from a notable fashion stalwart or from any renowned bespoke tailor, as the latter has massive experience of discussing style quotients and in decorating a lot of people with preferred fashion tactics and style innovations. Our tailoring guides at Kingsley Tailors opine that the idea of fabulous looks does not rest upon any bespoke suit only, rather there exist array of components which combine to give you a perfect cum elegant look. No doubt, supreme bespoke skills are the perfect factor in dressing up a personal being, but still, series of other factors also play a major role in such an effort. In other words, there exist a nitty-gritty that would simply pair up with your bespoke clothing and would release a vibe of style and comfort in unison. The blog is compiled to provide some useful tips in such a matter of dressing yourself up while in a bid to dress up for an occasion.

Custom made Shoes

The shining shoes
For the sake of comfort, stylish boys opt for trendy loafers, but while dressing up with a suit, loafers should be avoided. For a thorough suit, finely polished and elegant leather shoes should be opted for. Besides, a handful of shades of shoes should be opted for which should have a match with the colour of coat, we are about to wear. Fashion researchers say that securing a mix of colours is a great way to cast a precise style statement in the social gathering.

Suits Pocket Sqaure

Choose Belt Wisely:
As a golden rule, when a signature suit is to be put on, then a stylish leather belt should be paired up with it as it then fulfills the fundamental purpose of wearing a made-to-measure suit then. Besides, a grand leather belt also enables and emboldens your overall personality to newer heights. Fashion gurus opine that double colored belts are presently calling the shots in the market.

Casual or Formal Socks
Exclusive socks
Navy blue sock are albeit, preferred but still, such are not regarded in conjunction with the recently designed bespoke suit. Hence, men should always be careful while thinking about such accessory as a pair of socks can do marvels at times, in stealing an overall looks.


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