Absolute Mark of a Bespoke Tailoring: Basted Fitting

The acclaimed bespoke tailoring skills at Kingsley Tailors unquestionably include a basted fitting lap, whereby all possibilities are duly worked upon in the direction of producing exclusive Custom Made Suits. However, it is to be noted here that without such area of skillful workmanship, the idea of a custom fit outfit will be incomplete. Hence, at Kingsley Bespoke Tailors, once the clients’ specific measurements have been recorded, explicit paper patterns are created and the sketches of dream garments are hand cut, piece together and are tentatively hand stitched by making skillful use of white basted thread. Thus, by the time, raw structures of suits reach such a stage, it is generally ready for fitting.

Custom Made Suits Sewing
This specific stage makes us the most outstanding craftsmen in such a field. Trying on such raw sketches of garments provides clients with an opportunity to get the feel of the fabric and also to test if the would- be garment will be perfectly fit once it is developed. Moreover, basted garments are such a transit stage of actual garments that our tailors can further make other necessary additions or deletions, but with precise ease. For instance, fashion minded people often opine about higher armholes or for broad shoulders, or for narrow sides, or for the opposite of it. Likewise, clients also want specific length of silhouette or to resize the lengths at knees. Hence, while such major changes will be tedious on actual dresses but on basted fitting, such modifications can be resulted with ease and the distinct expectations of the consumers can be fulfilled with supreme needle and basted thread dexterity.
At this juncture, please beware of other heighted (but hollow) tailoring claims who are otherwise boastful of Custom Bespoke Tailor skills but in reality just hand over the apparel on made-to-measure basis. As a matter of fact, in a typical made-to-measure garment, no such stage as “basted fitting” arrives while the indifferent tailors simply develop garments as per customers’ size specifications. But a bespoke or true Custom Made Tailor, will always align such a stage of basted fitting and where clients valuable opinions and preferences will be sought for a better tailoring outcome. thus designed and developed out from such raw measurements.

Using Sewing Machine


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