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Thanx Kingsley tailor


An account from one of our deeply satisfied customer Mr. Mike Walker about our services and expertise

Hello friends, I am Mike walker from Sydney, Australia and I work in Sidfam Financial Services which is an Australian investment firm. Hence, I went to Hong Kong on some official work as my director sent me to attend some business meeting and to locate some hot options for investment, as the local economy is on the growth mode in Hong Kong. But unfortunately while in Hong Kong and just 5 days before the important business meet with the local power corporation of Hong Kong,

I noticed my favourite coat to be torn from various sides and it had reduced to a useless piece of cloth for me.  I got nervous and started thinking of the possible options ahead and I was afraid if I would address the business meet in simple shirts and trousers but it would not have cast a good impact and would also thus marred the possible business options.

The hotel staff was kind enough to ask the reasons for my anxiety and I told them about my worries that were growing by every hour that passed by. They laughed at me and stated that I was right in the hub of world’s most acknowledged tailors of the world and that I should quickly consult some Custom Bespoke Tailor. I asked for their recommendation and they mentioned that name of Kingsley Tailors. Hence, while I looked for Kingsley Tailor on the streets, I was dazzled to see the rich expertise, the Hong Kong based bespoke tailors enjoy and how fashion minded and elegance oriented people converge to this place from every corner of the world.

Later on, when I found the shop, I received a warm welcome from the staff and while discussing  my needs and they provided me tea and some snacks.   The staff was very freindly & humble and spoke fluent English too and discussed my needs and problems with abounding attention.

The staff had beautiful smile and asked me to remain calm and to prepare for the business meet and not to worry about the Custom Made Suits and he would get me one within 2 days. He then took me to fabric section where I was asked to select the preferred fabric and then I gave my measurements. After 2 days, I was delighted to receive the package from Kingsley Tailors which I call “parcel of elegance” and the fitting too was awesome and the finishing was simply outstanding. I paid many thanks to them and invited him to Sydney and I have made it a point that I will get all custom dresses of my family from him.

Thanx Kingsley Tailors

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