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A genuine suit which is crafted through bespoke measures would always be the most appropriate investment which one would accomplish in order to procure elegance. In case of Asia, Hong Kong has emerged as the most prominent location which hosts scores of popular tailoring houses. Therefore, when a person intends to buy an elegant suit, any of the Recommended Tailors in Hong Kong should be relied upon while a person cherishes to obtain a perfect fit and truly a made to measure suit. A suit which would be developed with an impeccable dress material and which would be comfortable to wear also, would secure astonishing looks for the target personality. In the words of reputed tailoring guides, the following factors should be kept in mind while hunting for a genuine bespoke suit:

1). Price Quotient:

Needless to mention but the suits which are designed and stitched with luxurious fabrics and whereby necessary tailoring skills are involved, cost more than the otherwise. However, it is often observed that rich deals can be struck at reputed fashion stores during the festive seasons. However, it is also seen that the whopping fashion world is massively being characterized by high price tags and hence cost effective deals can be secured in a tactful manner. At Kingsley Tailors, there has been carried out exclusive stitching of bespoke suits with sterling fabrics and with world class tailoring skills but at competitive prices, since the year 1982.

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Kingsley Tailors Tip:

We maintain that the fabric of suits would be of medium quality if such carry a lower price tag but then, poor tailoring skills may also have implemented thereby or the products would have been machine made, with minimal human intervention. IT is thereby advised to be cautious and examine the fabric and emphasize upon comfort levels as well. Also, one should remain updated about stitching skills as well. A suit would be of average composition if there appear any of the following points:

a). If price tag bears amount lesser than $450 and suits are available as off the rack one,

b) Else, if the suit would be custom tailored but be priced at lesser than $580,

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2). The Dress Material:

In regard to blazers, absolute wool has always been the most preferred fabric, which is implemented in order to check the onslaught of cold and winds. However, suits or coats with lower prices are not likely to be designed and developed with genuine quality of wool at all. Conversely, the cheaper suits would be a product of a blend of wool and polyester while the latter is infamous dress material owing to discomfort and also to make a person heftily sweaty.

Guidance From Kingsley Tailors:

People should always examine the suit labels and tags and luckily, suits are found to bear tags that indicate that real time fabric composition. Additionally, bespoke tailoring houses and prominent off-the -rack designers explicitly mention dress material which the blazers or suits have been developed of, while such crucial updates can also be procured through their portals and fashion catalogues. The downside of such a honest apparel dealings is that a handful of the dealers shun to be honest to such an extent and do not attach any fabric tags at all. Therefore, the golden rule is that if an apparel is found to be of lesser than $250, there is a fat chance that a genuine quality of dress material is being implemented thereby.

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3). Reliable Bespoke Stitching Skills:

Suits which are of lower price are designed mindlessly and in a rough and irregular manner with hardly any human intervention. Hence, such suits would lack on certain features and aspects and such apparel would cast adverse impacts upon the consumers since there would not be found the perfect fit and comfort levels. On the other hand, a made-to-measure suit would always be designed and stitched in a polished way and there would be implemented around 50 hours of proficient efforts in its each dimension and then preferred fabric could also be opt for, in latter case.

Kingsley Tailors Inculcates:

We advise that bespoke lovers should always pinch the dress material under the bottom button hole of Custom Tailored Suit and if one senses the presence of third layer there, the suit is surely canvassed and hence of below average quality. Conversely, if a feeling of single and impeccable layer of dress material emanates from there, the fabric is guaranteed a top quality wool and one should feel puffed up with pride on being its owner.

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