Choose bespoke shirt design according to your own style

A bespoke shirt is always better for various reasons. However there are many option to choose the style and design for your custom made shirts. Here is the list of valuable input that will help you to adhere with better design and style which give you perfect look when you wear the shirt.

Custom made Shirts in Hong Kong

Front style for bespoke shirts

While choosing style for the front side of your shirt you have two main options for the front of the shirt. The first one is the placket which is a fold of fabric on both sides of the button going down from front of the shirt. It provides slimmer looks with its clear center and vertical line shape. The second option that you have is plain front which means there is no placket. It demonstrate more modern look and display lesser line on the shirt.


Collar style

When you place your order for custom made shirts in Hong Kong, always give extra focus while you are choosing collar style for bespoke shirts as collar is the most significant part for any type of shirt. It’s the collar that produce the best outlook in shirt. You can choose the design that equally complement your face shape and provide balance look as well. If your face is narrow, a spread collar will give you more balance. If you possess round face regular collar will be a better choice for you. Similarly you can select the different style of collar that give you suitable look in accord to your face cut.


Back style of the shirt

You must have notice that fewer pleats at the back of the shirt when you buy one from off the rack collection. Back pleat folds on the back of the shirt and allow extra room to fit extra pound of your body. That is one of the reason why they have back pleats to adjust or partially fit everybody and perfectly fit nobody. Inversely, if you have placing order to stitch tailored made suit in Hong Kong, and stitching the matching shirt for that you have to focus on your own style and choice. Thus we would like to recommend you plain backed bespoke shirt which allow you for more precise torso fit and give you more elegant look.


Cuff style

There are two main alternative as far as cuff style is concern: French or Barrel. As far as French cuff is concern, it is more formal and that should be worn with cufflinks. You can have either French square French round cuff cut you can choose as per your choice. On the other hand Barrel cuff with square or round cuff can be selected if you want one button or two button. Barrel cuff is more traditional and suitable for business settings as compare to barrel square. Again the choice is yours.


Bottom style

Again you have to choose between the two option, the Cut Style which should always be tucked in due to its cut flab, while regular bottom cut will allow you to worn with tucked in or tucked out.

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