Classic Ties: Widely Preferred Fashion Accessory

The sales of neckties has seen upward trend in the past decade and fashion stylists attribute the terms “Black Friday” and “Black Tie season” and such terms have been dominant over the men’s minds. Not only among the youngsters but even the grown-ups adhere equal significance to such finely crafted strips which are put around the necks. As such, ties can be designed and made up of wool, of cashmere, from precise silk knits or from glove leather which would also be of width of 2.5 inches. Besides, such strips of fine fabric can be of plaid or printed designs showcasing an unorthodox patterns of skulls with bunny ears. Nevertheless, in the opinion of Recommended Tailors in Hong Kong, owing to constant marketing of elegant attires and of such fashion accessories through enormous media campaigns, ties have been gaining wider popularity among the masses.

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Substantial TV Impact:

Popular Tailors in Hong Kong that also store such delicate fashion accessories as elegant ties, has the experience of receiving numerous requests from UK and across Europe, after watching acclaimed TV stars. Chuck Bass has been a widely popular character of TV series Gossip Girl, which is performed by Ed Westwick and who has always worn and adored exclusive bowties. Besides, luminary guests on popular BBC program, “Doctor Who” and “East Enders” also wear convincing bow ties and the fashion centric youth plainly adhere to their traits.

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Celebrities Flaunt Bow Ties Too:

Celebrities are the social heroes and people are madly in love with them and they also try to adhere to their style of clothing and fashion accessories which they put on, during public gathering. Bow ties as well as classic neck ties are widely being worn by prominent sports personalities as well. For instance, basketball veteran LeBorn James and Dwight Howard adhere to such classic ties while making their appearance at community events. Then, even eminent coach like Phil Jackson is found to be pretty inclined towards using classic ties alongside his Bespoke Suit. As such, classic bow ties are largely being adhered to while prominent personalities and sports person flock to public events.

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