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Hello friends, I am Johnson Stean from Sydney, Australia and I really admire Kingsley Tailors’ towering expertise in the field of bespoke stitching and designing. I purchased two shirt and two trousers stitched from them in the year 2012 while I toured Hong Kong and to my amazement, the shirts still fit in well and without any thread being disturbed. The fabric is still crisp and appears to be in polished form every time it is being hand washed. Being impressed by their skills I recommended the brand to some of my friends, and Mr. Kalpesh Patel from Wellington, New Zealand and he too ordered a shirt via email and mentioned all of measurements and specified the preferred features As a result, the shirt was delivered within 6 days and he found the finest quality of workmanship in precise detail. The Kingsley Tailors personnel, as I know them, are the real cream of custom tailoring skills and their skills are being admired across the world, as I noticed a few of European customers giving measurements and an American gentleman looking for ties and discussing the prices and their fabric. I really recommend this brand to all the bespoke lovers around the world to rely upon their gifted needle-thread skills.

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Hi friends, I am Hardeep Singh and I live in Singapore and I recently visited Hong Kong as my cousin has a restaurant there. While I was at the restaurant, I noticed a few of the customers were carrying bags of the brand Kingsley Tailors and they were saying high words of admiration for this tailoring house owing to finest quality stitching skills. Being impressed, I decided to visit the showroom and to experience the aura myself. And now, I really thank my instinct which led me to their place as they are really the masters of truly bespoke tailoring skills and possess a high level of made-to-measure expertise. Though, I had tried my luck with some of the made-to-measure tailors in Singapore and in India, but I did not find them worthwhile. But the Kingsley Tailors of Hong Kong are really the gem of the utmost bespoke tailoring skills and their manner of taking measurements and asking and discussing and directing for each of little piece of advice is a class of its own. I got a shirt and a pair of slacks custom tailored through them, which are really the most astonishing piece of delicate stitching craft and the fabric which they selected for such items are really amazing. My whole family reckon to get back to them for our certain clothing. I wish them with great luck in years to come and may they continue to embellish the living structures in the years to come.

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