Different suit types offer different charm in your personality

A good looking suit has always been an essential wardrobe staple for men. Even for some people who do not wear suits on a regular basis, require it for some prominent occasion such as business meeting, job interview, wedding function and so on. Therefore, it is a wise option to own a perfect suit that can fulfill the requisitions of your different occasion and make you look confident and graceful.

While selecting a suit, you can have several options to choose it from. There are variety of fabric, color, and pattern you can opt according to your requirement and style you love. A perfect fitting is the most salient features for any type of suit to produce an awesome look. Hence, always count on the most reliable and reputed Bespoke Suit Tailor in Hong Kong, who has knack and experience in delivering seamless stitching and impeccable fitting to your suit.

There is a saying that the suit makes the man, that is why it is important as well as interesting to know about the types of suits and its detail that offers best suiting to a man

Slim Fit

Slim fit gives a perfect choice for those who loves to wear body fit dress. It is comfortable and aesthetic, as it is tailor made to suit your body structure. Slim fit does not mean that it stick to your body, but it hugs comfortably and can be worn by different body types. It is stitched keeping in view your body type and give you an aesthetic look.

Classic Fit

Classic fit suits are not as tight as slim fit. It is cut generously through the chest and the waist. This is the reason why most of the men find it very comfortable and easy to wear. Without having a curvy shape, it maintains a nice looking body shape. Classic fit suits are mostly preferred because it can be worn on any occasion. It means you do not have to buy or get stitched various suits for different occasion.

Modern Fit

There are all kinds of people exist in our society. There are people who want something which is neither slim fit nor classic fit. Something that falls in between the two. Modern fit suits are perfectly designed for such choice of people. Modern fit suits are not too boxy, however, it has more room than a slim fit. Thus, it offers a little more style and charm as compare to classic fit suits.


Portly Fit

For those who need more space to move around their chest, portly fit suits are crafted for them. It allows you to move freely and feel more comfortable and relax, especially if you are a bit heavy on size. It is usually available up to the size of 60. It is quite obvious that, lean and fit people have a number of options, but portly fit provides good opportunity for healthy look or oversize men to look gracious in suits

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