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While covering the distance of sophisticated Kowloon pathways, one could hardly resist relishing the sight of scores of bespoke tailoring houses which are renowned across the world for being the highly skilled needle-thread personnel. The city of Kowloon can easily be compared with any of the world’s most sophisticated and progressive business centres, such as New York, Sydney, London, Mumbai, Shanghai and so forth, for such matter. In other words, the city has developd into a whopping financial hub of companies who represent nearly all of the global giants. Nevertheless, the bespoke tailoring craft is well popular across the globe and bespoke lovers can easily be seen walking past such lanes, while trying to locate any Recommended Tailors in Hong Kong.

Made to Measure Tailors Hong Kong

Kingsley Tailors stand prominently in such custom tailoring field that span across the world and the tailoring house feels immensely elated while it caters to the exclusive needs of perfect fit clothing and custom stitching and precise alteration skills. Besides, the clothing shop develops a distinct thrill when it plays hosts to series of high profile clients such as state heads, diplomats, mega celebrities, movie stars among the rest. Therefore, on the very ground floor of the ever stately Houston Centre, there is located a front line showroom of this custom tailoring house and the location is thus as majestic as their proficiency in state of art tailoring crafts.

The entrance has a flashy board which narrates the brand name as “Kingsley Tailors” and soon after stepping into the showroom, the sweet and enchanting aroma welcomes the guests and their eyes marvel when they see the precisely packed racks of ties, neatly decorated columns of made-to-order shirts, Custom Tailored Suits are dedicated with a separate counter, fashion fabrics with delicate labels of their brands have dedicated assistants in yet another corner as well, Besides, there are also provided fashion accessories section showcasing watches, cufflinks, tie bars, a pool of fashionable coat buttons among other stuff.

Betspoke Tailors Hong Kong

Further, following a brief passage, delighted eyes and enchanted hearts can enter into the tailoring workshop deep within the shop itself and where a handful of committed students of enriched tailoring craft and of fashion designing can be seen devoting their time and ability to hone such supreme skills of fashion but out of their passion. The whole unit, can easily be taken together as a precise fashion factory and the gathering of bespoke lovers from all across the world, flock the corner at length.

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