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Author: Scott UF

Source : Hong Kong Custom Tailor

Kingsley Tailors has refurbished its digital version and the in-depth expertise and achievements of our bespoke tailors are being highlighted thereby. Style conscious men and the fashion minded ladies of the modern day immensely acknowledge Kingsley Tailors as this is the fashion factory which has evolved over the past 3 decades in its righteous path.

Custom Tailoring In Hong Kong

Our illustrated bespoke tailors maintain a large pool of expertise and are pretty experienced in crafting the style statement and elegance quotient for you, through this earnest bespoke skills. The fashion oriented men simply need to express a wish and discuss the details and our earnest tailors will design and stitch and develop the best suit as per your requirements and preferences.

Our acclaimed bespoke tailors have gained plenty of skills in designing and crafting an array of dresses, such as men’s custom tailored suits, jackets, bridal gowns, trousers, custom shirts and then precise alteration services and high quality fabric retail is also the most prominent feature of Kingsley Tailors, in Hong Kong.

Tailor made Suits Hong Kong

Our efforts have been relentless in catering to the style requirements of the discerning clients, since 1982 and our expertise has gone multi-dimensional in such decades. Finally, in order to serve to the vast section of society, the reasonable prices have been set but no compromise is done in terms of customer satisfaction and eventual quality. Our skills have gathered proper momentum and we have become widely regarded recommended tailors in Hong Kong by now.

Fabric Retail:

The dress material is one of the most significant factors of a bespoke suit and it would not be a bluff if we claim that the minute yarns decide the comprehensive elegance of the suit, once it is fully designed and developed. Exclusive and genuine fabrics of great international brands can also be had from our showroom as we have established precise bonds with the authorized suppliers. Besides, it is also an exhaustive task to select the proper fabric for exclusive dress and without a proper fabric, the idea of securing end dressing would be extremely sidelined. Therefore, at Kingsley Tailors,Tailored Suits Hong Kong

We have maintained a comprehensive fabric store where we sell genuine quality fabrics of selected brands such as Holland and Sherry, Loro Paiana, Scabal, Cerruti, Zegna and so forth. The attires which are developed from such authentic quality fabric have an enduring lifetime of elegance and are properly breathable too.

Therefore, whatever be your end objective in regard to elegance, style and fashion, simply visit Kingsley Tailors and discuss your needs with our skillful bespoke designers

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