Secret behind a true bespoke overcoat!

No wardrobe is complete without a bespoke overcoat that not only facilitates you with all those warmth that you exuberantly need in the winter season but to provoke style and elegance of a classic and modern man.

Custom Tailor in Hong Kong

Bespoke overcoat

The reason why I recommend bespoke overcoat is very simple and accurate. It gives you the best fitting, style of your choice, option to choose the fabrics, pattern and accessories. Apart from this, it is made measured to fit and tailored on your specific body structure and body type which is only possible with bespoke made overcoat.


Preparing outclass bespoke overcoat

The popular bespoke tailor in Hong Kong  prepared and design each of bespoke overcoat with very minutely detailed craftsmanship. From the individual pattern cutting to the embroidery sewing, everything is carved into perfection in order to complete the overcoat that brings forth perfect finish and standard look in it.

Preparing and designing men’s bespoke overcoat involve both bespoke tailor in Hong Kong as well as the client in order to ensure perfect fit and desired look. Sometime both have to work in tandem and exchange communication about the fitting, measurement, pattern and fabric choice, design and style.


Why should you go for bespoke overcoat than ready to wear one

For any wise gentlemen the maxim goes true, “be wise, penny wise”. As we all have already been experienced that the price of off-the-rack overcoat has considerably goes up manifolds. And despite that hefty tag price there are numerous loophole you will find when you buy one such as; inferior stitching quality, average quality of fabrics, not so perfectly matched accessories, does not fit on you body type or body structure and so on. There is an endless list of drawbacks that will drive you away from ready to wear overcoat available in the market or any outlet. Alteration is must need for most of the pieces of ready to wear overcoat as it is tailored in bulk keeping in view to manifest the need of general size wearer and not specific for any particular individuals. The alteration cost is an added burden to the cost of the overcoat and despite that many of them does not give your satisfying fitting on your body.


Advantage with bespoke overcoat

Going bespoke as far as your overcoat making is concern give you certain advantages over ready to wear overcoat from any outlet. The very first impact it offers is in terms of cost incurred on it. You can stitch a bespoke overcoat in comparatively low price from the reasonable tailor in Hong Kong. Most importantly your each penny will worth of the quality that is produced in going bespoke. The measurement that is according to your body type and structure, needle thread stitching with fine fabrics and accessories of your choice.

San doubt, you possess complete control when you choose to stitch bespoke tailored overcoat such as:

  • Personal service with qualified insight and advice
  • Carved by hand work and needle thread stitching
  • Cut your coat according to your exact measurement
  • Option to choose from the large selection of fabrics and pattern
  • Keep all record of measurement and other essentials for future orders

Thus, these information provide enough evidence to choose bespoke overcoat over other options. To look being a man of confidence and style is a matter of selection now and not a stroke of destiny.

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