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In Hong Kong, the versatile made-to-measure type of high quality stitching has been redefined in the recent times ever since the Kingsley Tailors has geared up its sewing skills to and adore and marvel masses, at length. It was the year 1982, when the masses in south East Asia woke up to new trend of explicit bespoke tailoring and in availing genuine quality fabrics but at highly slashed rates. Not only this, but the bespoke tailoring skills are indeed the most cost effective phenomenon as the tailoring house provides finely stitched suits, shirts and trousers at reasonable rates but not with an iota of compromise at the quality. Hence, young professionals and the mega businessmen can indeed own a fine quality suit with the preferred styling but at the fraction of traditional price. Consequently, Kingsley Tailor have become the widely preferred tailoring skill and fashion conscious men and women and even the fashion designers from Italy and France pay regular visits to our centre only to have a feel of extreme custom clothing. There are aligned renowned tailors at our showroom, such as Mr. Kun Liu Ong, Mr. Chang Fun Lee and Mr. Mike Haithway from Birmingham, Mr. Parvez Ansari and Mr. Arif Hussain from India. Ms Reena Kalra (Manager ladies section). Such are the real gems of bespoke tailoring and extreme styling skills and have successfully catered to a wide section of global village through their skills.

Custom Made Suits

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Being driven by success and widespread acclaim, such eminent tailors mull over having a “Pop-Up Event” at faraway locations, such as US, UK and in rest of Europe. By the term “Pop-Up Event” we simply mean that a collective measuring and shopping event is likely to take place by our visiting tailors. The venues would be a hotel conference room or any retail location, or even at private residences and a supreme fashion bonanza will take place, where fashion centric people can discuss about their styles, know about the trends, discuss upon fabrics and can order a bespoke apparel to be developed right away. It would indeed be an exhilarating experience as we will be discussing the trend with scores of customers from a similar city and renowned tailors are looking forward to such excursion.

Tailor Made Suits

Therefore, made to measure suits in true sense has become a cakewalk ever since such a vast amalgamation of eminent tailors have joined hands. But a promise for exclusive bespoke tailoring is strong and we are dedicated to render an enchanting experience for such purposes.


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