Take necessary tips to prepare dazzling bespoke ladies blazer or jacket

Sewing a ladies blazer is always been a challenging task but not for those who are well versed in the profession. That is why bespoke ladies blazer are preferred on off-the-rack ladies blazer which is easily available in exuberance. Bespoke tailoring facilitates variety of options that is void in not so bespoke one. If you are planning to sew a bespoke jacket or blazer here is what you can keep in mind.


Fabric selection

This is one of the things which do not bother you much as there are so many gorgeous fabrics available which is appropriate for sewing adorable and beautiful blazer. the only problem you might face is to narrow down the choice among them. Remember to choose the fabric which gives you maximum satisfaction and comfort to your style. if you are not well-aware about the quality you can take with you someone who has fair bit of knowledge about fabric quality and selection. Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong always prefers to use the fabric that radiates the best fitting as well as give a perfect look when the customer wears it.



you can select the pattern that suits the complexion and your body shape. Here again you can take along a trusted friend of yours and try on a variety of style and can take advice as well. you can also take measuring tape along with you so that you can take blazer length, lapel width or any other prominent features or design that you want to create in your blazer.


Fitting muslin

Be sure to use similar weight fabric for your fitting “muslin” as you want to use for your final garment. Moreover, test it over the clothes you want to wear with it. you can also put shoulder pads if you are plan to wear with the final jacket. Finally make sure that jacket length, sleeve length as well as circumference at bust, waist and hip line are all at your comfort level.


Stitching technique

Machine and fusible tailoring both deliver excellent result and it takes comparatively lesser time to complete the garment. Being a bespoke tailor in Hong Kong, whether you are sewing a ladies jacket or blazer, make sure that you are selecting the right method and tailoring technique that yield the best result. The method and technique should be appropriate for the style of garment, types of fabric and the amount of time you want to invest to prepare each master piece for the customers.


By following the above mention tips about making bespoke ladies jacket or blazer you can drive better result in sewing best ladies blazer or jacket and earn maximum satisfaction from your valuable customers.

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