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While thinking of purchasing a finely perfected suit which would be designed to a person’s specific body types, preferred style quotients and the unique physical aspects, Kingsley Tailors have always lived upto the expectations with a hilt. We have roped in immensely experienced bespoke tailors and master craftsmen who have decades of experience behind them and have successfully catered to their sartorial needs from across the world in these many years. For instance, we could design and develop very fine 150’s wool and have successfully presented to them the desired attires with the preferred styles and designs. Besides, for the existing line of bespoke lovers, we maintain full records of such measurements and could design and develop the desired suits on the similar basis, if those stats are still found to be comfortable to you. While for newer range of outfit lovers, who simply want to get re-measured or want to discuss some styling and tailoring design options, they could simply visit our showroom at Kowloon or simply could visit our website to know the scheduled visit by our eminent bespoke craftsmen who are also the visiting tailors in Hong Kong.

Besides, a face-to-face appointment can also be sought and arranged through live interaction. Our visiting tailors could visit you in office or to your home and apartment and could take out the required measurements and discuss upon the style preferences and fabric selections among other things. The stages of your suit development will be taken care of and the customers will be duly informed about it, in subsequent steps and may even be called at our tailoring studio for trying the dress which would still be under tailoring stage. Likewise, in present days, there is taking place, exclusive cum exciting festive offer on selected custom tailored suits and bespoke shirts while exclusive ties and accessories are being provided as freebies.

Your profound delight and amusement on getting the sartorial parcel will be our ultimate destination and for that purpose, we have transformed our tailoring house into a virtual fashion factory as well as a style building store and bespoke lovers can easily get the best of out it from here, for looking enchanting and mesmerizing while wearing the exclusive bespoke dress.

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