Tips that make a pair of cufflink adds sparkle in your suiting

Cufflinks are special and significant accessories for more formal occasions as well as semi-formal occasions. If you are naive about wearing them, then let me tell you that it is not that much hard to know how to wear them.

How to put them on

Albeit cufflinks are not that much a complicated task to learn, however when the especial occasion give you a call you can go by certain rules and exceptions, especially when presenting your true self is the key for you.

Cufflinks for black tie or tuxedos

When there comes the occasion when you have to opt for more formal type of cufflink. choose classic silver colour with slight hint of details because you do not want to take away all from your outfit. The cufflink with slight hint of detail will give you classic cufflink style, without giving you a sense of going out there and brash. It would be better to avoid comical cufflinks as they may be too loud for the occasion. Inversely you could go for something a bit different with a pair of rose gold cufflinks.


Cufflinks for white tie

when you wear white tie the things become little different. It is in reference that that the formality of your dress enhance a little more. If you have confused about what look appropriate with your white tie, you can go with a pair of Mother of Pearl cufflinks as it will surely put decent impression when you roll over to white tie function. It might be a costly affair to buy Mother of Pearl cufflinks, for that you can look for the cufflinks that is similar to that category or have similar in look.

Made to Measure Tailored Suits

Cufflink with white work shirt

With white work shirt one thing is certain that you are not going to match your cufflinks with different colours of the shirt. Moreover, since the colour of the shirt is simply neutral you can use different experiment with variety of colours and patterns of cufflinks. It is also in your favour that you are not in a strict formal environment, hence playing around with the colour and pattern will work for you.

Most of us possess a white work shirt, if you are the exceptional one, my suggestion for you is to go to the reasonable tailor in Hong Kong and place an order to have one. Some tailors are so experienced and skilled that they will provide you great input about how to select cufflinks for different occasions. So never shy to ask for the suggestion whenever you need as they are involve in the profession 24×7 and the whole 365 days. They are the best person who can deliver valuable input for your cufflinks.

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