Exclusive Waistcoats for Enormous Vintage Elegance

Author: Scott UF

Source: Custom Tailor in Hong Kong

An exclusively designed and finely stitched waistcoat is the upper body apparel which is without sleeves. Such typical attires are meant to be worn by men and women over their usual apparel during special occasions such as wedding celebration, promotional events and mega events. Such waistcoats are considered to be the part and parcel of a typical 3 piece suit but even without blazers also, such waistcoats extend an outstanding looks. Moreover, recently, the global fashion stylists have started suggesting them for wearing atop the T-shirts and with jeans as well, as such provide an outstanding looks and charm that way. In the location of Hong Kong which is rightly considered to be the hub of exclusive bespoke tailoring activities, there are provided exclusive range of fabric, colours and designs for such classy waistcoat range.

Tailor Made Suits Hong Kong

Likewise, in the case, the waistcoat is sought to be worn during the night time party hence such waistcoat should be developed with fine piece of glossy fabrics such as silk, wool, linen or any mixture of these. Then for attending to the office hours, plain shades could be opted for, as they would go along during such meetings in a graceful way. Besides, in terms of shapes, there are present specific designs that target the neckline such as U-shape and V-shape ones. Furthermore, the size and style of buttons also contribute to the overall finishing looks as well as to giant style and the two common style of buttons are single row and double row. Among the popular tailors in Hong Kong, the single row style is also regarded as the single-breasted and the double row designs are considered to be the double-breasted ones. Apart from this, the most common trend has been that boys should render the top buttons unfastened simply in order to enhance the classy looks.

Tailor made Suits Hong Kong

Finally, in wake of widespread popularity of vintage clothing, waistcoats are easily located during festivals, parties and in office too, other than the special occasions such as weddings. Every famous tailor in Hong Kong rightly opines that exclusive waistcoats can proliferate the idea of uniqueness and then the scores of colour combinations will further add to the flair of elegance in a delicate way.

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