Your dream of supremely designed and craftily stitched bespoke suit is adorn here

It is always said that clothes make the man. Abide by the this maxim Kingsley Tailors has aspire for giving best suiting for everybody that define the best of their personality. This is time around we are coming to USA to tribute our best of the services in fine tailoring and measure to fit stitching which you always dream for.

Best tailors in Hong Kong

Our Schedule in USA

We will be available in USA from April 10th to 21st.  You can get the full details about the time and place we are available for appointment, at the We hope you to be there to avail the best of our services with promotional appointment offers. Book your appointment here


Get the best from Hong Kong iconic tailors

Kingsley tailor is known for widely reputed for its needle thread precision in stitching and providing excellent craftsmanship in Bespoke or custom made tailoring services. We have the pools of great artisan and skilled tailors who are the rapport of delivering magnificent fitting that every heart desire for. Physical elegance is essential for all those deserving gentleman and awe-aspiring ladies. We exactly facilitate the services that give our valuable customer utmost satisfaction and garner their style statement.



Good price does not necessarily associated with good quality of services and supremely stitched attire. That is why we focus more on quality than just asking you to pay more. Our price tag remain reasonable and very competitive as compare to other service provider in the same field. While providing you the tailor made services at the most affordable cost, despite that we are always high on procure unmatched stitching quality with best finishes and the most pleasing end product that win hearts of one and all. Being a customer what else one can expect for.


Offering precision

If you want to get the best fitting, precision is the key to achieve your dream fitting. Each and every segment of tailoring is very crucial in order to provide appropriate fitting. From measurement to cutting and stitching to final product preparation, all minutes have to take into consideration while pushing the co-workers and tailors to strive for the best. It takes all and pure hard work to create an stupendous art in the field of supremely prepared custom tailor suit for you.


Experience has no alternative

The professional team of Kingsley Tailors has been basking the glory of towering image and customer oriented services for more than 3 decades and that is enough to say all that we can deliver to you. In a nutshell, Kingsley Tailors is well equipped with experienced as well as skilled artisans who are all prepared and trained to give you best of our tailoring services.

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